Digital Capture

The best reproduction starts with the most accurate digital file.
Digital artists need to provide us with their images on CD/DVD or upload to APS.

Tiff or Photoshop RGB 300 DPI files at the image size they want us to print.
Contact us about the computer color space you are using and if you are using jpegs.

Most of the artists we work with need their paintings and drawings photographed.
APS uses the Better Light scanner back system with a Sinar 4X5 view camera.

We use Kinoflo day-light balanced lights they are perfect for art copy because the do not produce any heat and are portable. We shoot in our West Loop studio or at your location.

Once your image is in the system we color balance and retouch per your instructions.
If you have a vintage image, or an old family photo that is 8.5X11 or smaller our flatbed scanner is another capture solution.

The set up fee for high-resolution digital capture of the art includes up to one hour of color correction, selective color enhancement, saturation adjustments, burning and dodging, and dust and scratch removal, and one 8x10 proof

Call us to review your options.